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A Lesson on Community Progress Grade: Grade 6
Subject: English Language Arts
Created by: Dan Nguyen
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Lesson Content: Reading
Instructions: Please read the following reading passage as many times as needed (aloud and silent) before starting to go through other lesson pages. Understanding the content of this passage is very important since the lesson activities will be all about this content. Feel free to print the passage if needed.

Community Progress

I was a part of our school’s mural. I helped to paint the mural, and I am actually pictured in it, too. When you view the mural, you will notice my picture. The mural shows children playing, and I am there, too—you can see me in the mural.

The mural also represents the future. It illustrates what we strive to be when we get older. Our teachers asked us all to choose specific careers. They asked what type of job we want to hold in the future. I chose a 
teacher because I would really enjoy becoming a teacher. Our principal said, we want to make this vision clear—we want our community to see what your future can be. She said we could paint that big mural on the wall outside the school. She asked the community to donate money to pay for the paint. They did. Our art teacher stayed after school to help us.

After we painted the mural, a newspaper reporter came to our school. She said she had heard about our mural project from a friend, and she had then told her editor about it. An editor is the person who decides which stories will be presented in the newspaper. The editor said it was a terrific story about community pride and progress, which is why she sent the reporter to learn all about our mural. 

The reporter discussed the mural with us. When she left, a photographer arrived at our school. The photographer said that the newspaper was going to publish a story about the mural. The photographer took many photos and said the editor would choose one for the newspaper. 

The newspaper put the story in the paper. Everyone was really excited. That day, the newspapers sold out in our community stores. Everyone wanted a copy of the newspaper so they could see our 
community in the paper. People came from other neighborhoods just to see our mural. Principals of other schools came to see the mural. They had read about us in the newspaper and wanted to help their school make a mural. That way, their school would look special, also.

Our principal was extremely proud of what we had done. She met with the parents and told them, “I believe we need another mural. Our building has several more walls. We need you to help.” Visit our school today and you will see more murals that show how proud we are of our community.

Task 1: Vocabulary Activity (10 points)
Instructions: Please complete the following vocabulary activity by choosing the correct meaning of each word selected from the passage and use of each word correctly in a sentence.

Vocabulary Questions

Word/Phrase: type and teacher | Tier: 2 | Points: 10
Q1 They asked what \"type\" of job we want to hold in the future.
A. kind *
B. stuff
C. thing
D. object

I chose a \"teacher\" because I would really enjoy becoming a teacher.
A. firefighter *
B. police
C. educator
D. president

Standards Covered with This Lesson Activity:
Task 2: Discussion Activity (30 points)
Instructions: This discussion forum will have questions for students to respond. Read the posted questions, and respond to each. Students are responsible for posting one initial and and two peer responses for each topic.

  Topic Title Replies

Message Is our classroom like a community?
How does our classroom show community proress?
Sent on: Oct 13, 2013 by: Dan Nguyen

Standards Covered with This Lesson Activity:
Task 3: Writing Activity (30 points)
Instructions: The title of this selection is Because of Community Progress. Explain why this is an appropriate title for the selection. Be sure to clearly cite evidence from the text for each part of your answer. 
Standards Covered with This Lesson Activity:

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