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A Lesson on Little Pink Riding Hood Grade: Grade 3
Subject: English Language Arts
Created by: Erin Taylor
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Lesson Content: Reading
Instructions: Please read the following reading passage as many times as needed (aloud and silent) before starting to go through other lesson pages. Understanding the content of this passage is very important since the lesson activities will be all about this content. Feel free to print the passage if needed.

Little Pink Riding Hood

Little Pink Riding Hood loved to wear pink clothes. That is why she really liked her special coat. 

One day she put on her coat. She picked up a basket of food for her grandmother.Her grandmother was sick. Little Pink Riding Hood loved her grandmother. She especially liked how her grandmother always sent her cards, even when it wasn’t a special day. “You make me feel special, grandma,” she said every time she saw her.“You are special!” grandma would say

Little Pink Riding Hood walked through the woods. She ate some of her grandmother’s cookies, which she had baked and covered with pink icing. While she was eating a cookie, she met a wolf. The wolf asked her where she was going. She said, “I am taking food to my grandmother. Would you like a cookie?

He thanked her but told her he did not like cookies. The wolf said she was a very sweet child. She smiled. He asked where her grandmother lived. She told him that she did not have good map skills but that it was a place she could always find by looking for pink. It’s a pink house. “My grandma painted it pink to make me happy.”

“I wish someone cared that much about me,” said the wolf. 

Then she met a bluebird. The bird asked her, “Have you seen a big, bad wolf?” “Well, I saw a wolf,” she answered. Then she explained.

The bird grabbed a cookie and flew up into a tree. “I thought wolves were dangerous and birds were helpful,” Little Pink Riding Hood said. “What a surprise.

Task 1: Vocabulary Activity (0 points)
Instructions: Please complete the following vocabulary activity by choosing the correct meaning of each word selected from the passage and use of each word correctly in a sentence.
Task 2: Discussion Activity (30 points)
Instructions: This discussion forum will have questions for students to respond. Read the posted questions, and respond to each. Students are responsible for posting one initial and and two peer responses for each topic.
Task 3: Writing Activity (30 points)
Instructions: You are to write and post here 500 words essay on .... Make sure to provide specific examples.
Standards Covered with This Lesson Activity:

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